Selling Tips


Choose The Right Agent For You
Ensure you choose an agent that has specific experience in selling Blocks of land.
They will provide evidence of prices achieved local to you.
If they are a specialist, they will have a register of buyers and will be able to introduce buyers from other suburbs.
Feel free to ask about testimonials from previous clients.
Always follow your instincts when choosing an agent, someone you feel comfortable with and can trust..

Clear The Site
You should have a fire-break clear already, but consider clearing the Block entirely as it will appear bigger and easier to build on, thus more appealing

Provide Plans
If you have any building plans, they are very useful for encouraging the buyer to meet with Paul, giving him a fantastic chance to promote the benefits of your Block face to face

Good questions to ask your agent when selling a block..


1. How they will communicate with you, and how often – you should never feel uninformed
2. How the right buyers can be attracted by their Marketing Package
3. How they work with all other agents and agencies
4. How you are not locked into a contract – they must guarantee their service