10 Things you should know

Property management is not just about collecting the rent: it is a comprehensive management service which should be provided by a trained property manager. Choosing a Property Manager can be a daunting task, especially if you’ve never rented a property before. We hope the information below helps you to make the right decision.
1. Owners should be looking for a property manager that has demonstrated longevity in their role which proves that this is a career for them. Due to the stresses of property management, staff turnover is high – you want to try to ensure that you will be talking to the same person in six months’ time. Our property managers have been with us since the formation of HKY. We believe in teamwork and longevity. They have second to none knowledge of the local rental market and will only give you professional advice.

2. We do not overload our staff so we guarantee to look after your property carefully.

3. HKY will provide you with a clear outline of their policy for payments to you and what happens when a tenant falls into arrears.

4. We have a clear and easy to understand policy for maintenance. HKY has a trusted database of maintenance contractors but importantly and as a point of difference to other companies, we have our own maintenance person who deals direct with our Property Managers and Directors on a daily basis. This person is able to respond to your needs in a more efficient time frame which has proven to be a substantial bonus to our existing owners and tenants.

5. Many prospective tenants work during business hours and need to inspect on the weekend. At HKY we make ourselves available for open-house inspections or private viewings on the weekends and after standard business hours.

6. Our Property Managers will do their best to personally analyse potential tenants. The screening process includes the use of a subscription to a major tenancy database.

7. We perform a minimum of four inspections per year. These inspections which include photographs, descriptions and identify any problems are sent to both the owner and tenant by email within 24 hours of the inspection.

8. We currently offer an all-inclusive management fee. We find this fee structure beneficial in terms of administration and more importantly, provides a saving to the owner in comparison to a flat rate charge with additional fees.

9. Regular and accurate updates from our award winning sales team on the value of your property.

10. Relax in the knowledge that your property is being professionally managed.