About HKY Real Estate

A team of professional and knowledgeable real estate agents and property managers.
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Your team of local real estate agents and property managers

HKY Real Estate is a local Perth agency with a highly qualified team of real estate agents and property managers. We are constantly evolving as a business but one thing has always stayed the same and that is the high level of importance we place on clear communication and exceptional service across all areas of real estate. Many clients of HKY have stayed with us for many years, whether to sell their home or to ensure their investment property is occupied by quality tenants. We believe this to be a testament to how we treat everyone with the utmost respect and are transparent in everything we do.

Having been a local real estate agency based in Ellenbrook since the very beginning, we have since spanned across Perth. Find a real estate agent or property manager near you. Whether you require assistance with leasing or selling your property, get in touch with our team of experts.

HKY - From then to now

HKY stands for Holland-Knight-Yates and came into fruition when the idea of transitioning to an independent real estate agency rather than being tied to a larger group was actioned.

The “Knight” moved on to other things relatively early and the “Yates” made the decision to retire but only after establishing a thriving Property Management department which continues to exceed all my expectations.

The “Holland” is still going and looking to continue HKY’s growth that began in a small office on Main Street and which is now situated in large and prestigious offices in Ellenbrook House just a few doors further down on the same street.

The move allows room for continued growth in sales and property management but also provide an opportunity to expand into complimentary industries.

We hope to be at the heart of Ellenbrook township and the surrounding suburbs as it continues its meteoric residential and commercial development.

From the owner - Dave

“I am proud that we have achieved and maintained the acumen of being the Number 1 Real Estate office in the Swan Valley and a Top 10 office in WA. Additional offices in the rapidly expanding Bullsbrook and Connolly have added to our sales and rental portfolio.

I have a great belief that human beings are gregarious by nature and although having cloud-based systems so that our people can effectively work from anywhere as our more coastal suburb sales reps will testify, the interaction between office and clients is an important part of our success and we will continue to adopt this policy moving forward.

We feel it is important that all our people including our administration is based locally in WA and not located in another part of the world with little knowledge of our geography and lifestyle.

We celebrated 10 years as a real estate office in February 2022 but more importantly look forward to the future exciting years at HKY.”