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Obligation Free Rental Appraisal

If you own an investment property and want to rent it out, it is vital you look for ways to maximise the return on investment. Getting a professional to conduct a rental appraisal can ensure you are in the best position possible. A rental appraisal details the level of rent your property might generate and takes into account local market trends and similar properties leased in the same or similar area.

Our team of local property experts are experienced in providing well researched and accurate rental appraisals for Perth landlords. Speak to us today and request an obligation free rent appraisal.

What’s Involved in a Rent Appraisal?

There are a number of factors which influence the rent value of a property.

Property size

The size of the block, size of the home and the size of the rooms and spaces both inside and outside are all factored in when a property manager conducts a rent appraisal.

Number of Bedrooms

How many bedrooms the property has as well as whether or not they have ensuites, built in robes, balconies, and so on.


Things like local attractions, school catchment areas, parks and other facilities are all factored into a rent appraisal.

Market Conditions

Your real estate agent will look at rent prices in your local area and the current property market conditions to provide a well researched rent appraisal value.

Condition of Property

The overall appearance of a property including gardens, internal decorations and modernisation, will all have a direct influence on the rental price.

Rent Appraisal Process

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Frequently asked questions about rent appraisals

Our experienced property management team answer a number of questions related to rent appraisals.

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If you would like to get a rent appraisal for your Perth property, contact the team at HKY Real Estate. We will be able to conduct the appraisal in a timely manner and advise you on the current rental value of your property taking into consideration a number of factors.

There are a few ways that you can find out the market rent value for a property:

  • Contact a letting agent or property management company and ask for a rent appraisal.
  • Look at similar properties that are being advertised for rent in your area.
  • Use an online rent calculator, such as those provided by or

A rent appraisal is an estimate of what a property could rent for on the open market. It is usually provided by a letting agent or property management company.

When setting the right rent price, you'll want to consider:

  • The location of your property
  • The size of your property
  • The amenities your property offers
  • The current market conditions

Getting a rent appraisal will confirm the appropriate rental price for your property.

You have your rent appraisal, now what?

Now that you have your rent value, you may like to look at renting out your property. At HKY Real Estate our local property managers conduct a thorough tenant process before providing you with valuable tenant options. We always ensure both tenants and homeowners have a great experience when they come to HKY Real Estate and we believe communication with all parties is crucial to successful property management.