Renting your property ?

The truth is that all that you want is your investment property looked after and money in the bank !

Not too hard really and yet you would think so when we hear some of the horror stories from clients who have now made the move to HKY .

Our portfolio is growing and our reputation with it. If you would like to know more about HKY, the superb service that we offer and be a part of our growth give us a call.


I have to say is it my experience renting my house through HKY property management has been enjoyable. You have been professional  in your conduct and communication is kept open and honest as I’ve been “kept in the loop” at all times during the management . This is my first time renting a property and I would be happy to recommend HKY    –  Brad (owner)

The wonderful team at HKY are  friendly and helpful  –   Vanessa (owner)


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