When you choose HKY Real Estate you are choosing one of Western Australia’s leading real estate agents.

At the head of HKY are Dave Holland and Nick Yates both with many years business experience both here in Perth and formerly in the UK. Their philosophy is simple, treat people as you expect to be treated yourself. Our mission is to deliver the very best of customer service. We value our clients. Courtesy, respect and professionalism cost nothing. It’s nice to be nice and sometimes it’s also good to add a touch of humor.

We are proud of our achievements and our award winning team are friendly, professional and highly skilled. All of us at HKY want the selling  process to be an exciting not painful experience.  You need to know that the person working for you is the consummate professional.

Your property is unique. We will work with you to optimise how we promote your property to attract the highest number of potential buyers.

 Depending on your objectives, we will advise you on the best method of sale for your situation. We place a great deal of importance in deciding the right selling choice to achieve an optimum result.

We want our service to be so outstanding that you tell others how much value we were in the sale of your home.

We plan for success bringing new ideas to life and delivering results beyond expectations.

Our sales team have been asked to describe themselves on their profile page in as few words as possible. Less is often more. We will presume that you are searching for somebody who is knowledgeable, extremely pro active, a consummate professional and more importantly, gets the job done to everybody’s satisfaction rather than reading their life history!

If you are thinking of selling your property and you want immediate action, give one of our outstanding team a call. We sell a property every 1.79 days. Is yours next?